Understanding your bill-paying habits

Understanding your bill-paying habits

A study conducted by payments company Bpay has identified 5 different ‘personalities’ among Australian bill-payers, each managing their finances differently to better or worse effect.

A study conducted by payments company Bpay has identified five different ‘personalities’ among Australian bill payers, each managing their finances differently to better or worse effect.

Bpay surveyed 1,000 bill-paying Australians between the ages of 18 and 65 in late 2016 and found a number of different habits and attitudes, which they grouped into five different ‘personalities’.

The most prevalent of these, accounting for 28 per cent of the respondents, were Big Picture Organisers, people who are “experienced and capable” with managing their finances, but who are not obsessive.

According to the study, Big Picture Organisers want convenience and security in their approach to bill paying.

The second most common were Life Jugglers, time-poor individuals who often lack the confidence to pro-actively manage their finances and look for “simple processes with customer support and information”.

Life Jugglers made up 27 per cent of the surveyed bill payers.

Tied for third and fourth most common with 19 per cent of the respondents each were the Rigid Record Keepers and the Mobile and Evolving groups.

Rigid Record Keepers “have an effective system and keep a record of what they pay” and are less likely than their peers to experience finance-related stress. Australians in this group prioritise the security of their bill-paying system and are less interested in ‘on the go’ functions.

However, the Mobile and Evolving group – typically aged between 18 and 39 – often experienced financial stress and regularly pay their bills either at the last minute or past their due date.

Eighty-nine per cent of this group reported that their finances were a cause of stress. The Mobile and Evolving group was also the “most susceptible” to frustrations caused by the bill-paying process, with 80 per cent saying they hate paying their bills. In contrast, only 18 per cent of the Rigid Record Keepers hate paying their bills.

The smallest group, representing the remaining 7 per cent, was Novice and Emerging bill payers – those aged between 18 and 25 who typically still live with their parents.


Understanding your bill-paying habits
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