23 May 2017
Housing downsizing incentives: Are they worth it?
The federal budget’s concessions for retirees choosing to downsize their home, while potentially beneficial, may not be the best option for all Aust...
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10 May 2017
Overview of the 2017-18 federal budget
The federal government handed down its budget last night, announcing measures that have angered banks and elicited mixed responses from economists. ...
1 May 2017
Huge number of Aussies retiring with mortgages, personal debt
A new study has revealed the dire state of Australia’s retirement savings, with up to half of older working Australians expected to retire with debt...
24 Mar 2017
Aussies missing vital housing risk in twilight years
KPMG has highlighted risks facing Australians in their twilight years, amid the focus on housing affordability affecting their younger counterparts. ...
22 Mar 2017
'Alarming' number of Aussies unprepared for retirement
Australian retirees and pre-retirees are having a crisis of confidence, with more than half acknowledging they will likely outlive their savings, acco...
15 Mar 2017
Is it ever too early or too late to plan for your retirement?
Expert financial planner and chartered accountant, Claire Mackay, explains why it’s never too early or too late to start planning for your retiremen...
13 Mar 2017
Aussies must retire millionaires to rent
With house prices having soared in recent years, retirees who rent now will require more than $1 million, according to a retirement industry body. ...
22 Feb 2017
Is it time to stop work and start SKIING?
Promoted by SKIing (verb): spending the kids’ inheritance   Write comment (1 Comment) ...
30 Jan 2017
5 financial mistakes to avoid in your 40s
More often than not, it’s only when you enter your forties that retirement planning becomes a priority. How can you use these years to grow your ne...
25 Jan 2017
The 6 financial mistakes to avoid in your 50s
After marking their half century, retirement becomes the major focus of most people as they enter the final years of their working life. But how can ...
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