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Wealth, tax and attitude: A conversation with Saul Eslake

Saul Eslake

Just 5 per cent of Australians think they have gained a lot from the last 26 years of economic growth and this tells an interesting story about us.

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, independent economist and vice-chancellor’s fellow at the University of Tasmania Saul Eslake joins host Lucy Dean to discuss the report, unpack how the mining boom and a slow growing economy may be fuelling this public attitude and compare Australian economic growth with other Western countries.

He also talks about:

1. The reasoning behind the recent income tax cuts;
2. How the tax cuts will impact the economy; and
3. Whether small businesses really are hard done by.

Thanks Saul, for sharing your insights with the Nest Egg podcast team!

You can stay up-to-date with what Saul is up to here.

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Wealth, tax and attitude: A conversation with Saul Eslake
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