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How to navigate new revenue streams within property investment

Arthur Naoumidis, DomaCom, Alex Whitlock, David Stratford, Nest Egg Podcast, fractional investing, fractional property investing, crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, property investing, investment house, retirement strategy, retirement savings, retirement planning, wealth management

Arthur Naoumidis founded DomaCom to change the way Australians invest in property, allowing them to make smaller investments in properties specifically chosen by them. In this episode, he speaks with host Alex Whitlock about how technology is changing the property market.

Looking at the Australian market, Arthur discusses the different kinds of property and how they differ as well as the benefits of investing in real assets.

In this episode, learn:

- The state of the Australian property market

- The importance of spreading risk over multiple investments

- What fractional investing is and how it works in property


How to navigate new revenue streams within property investment
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