18 May 2017
Where Aussies go wrong with investing
Award-winning financial planner, Adele Martin, works specifically with investors in their 20s, 30s and 40s. In this episode, she speaks to host Alex W...
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16 May 2017
Preparing for the Medicare levy increase
Australian’s hip pockets are set to take a hit in 2019 if the proposed increase to the Medicare levy outlined in the federal budget passes the Senat...
John J Maxwell, Cocalex Consulting
12 Apr 2017
Is it time to review your mortgage?
Ask yourself these seven questions to find out whether you could be missing out on thousands in savings. Write comment (0 Comments) ...
10 Apr 2017
Only 1 in 10 Aussies considered wealthy
Australia’s financial health appears at risk, with the majority of Aussies believing they won’t have enough to sustain their retirement, according...
10 Apr 2017
How to rescue your forgotten New Year’s resolutions
It’s now April, and those resolutions to save more, spend less or invest may have fallen by the wayside, but don’t despair. It’s not too late to...
7 Apr 2017
Simple solutions for effective estate planning
Planning for the inevitable is a crucial component of transferring and preserving the wealth you have created, but so many Aussies get it wrong before...
7 Apr 2017
Rate chasers beware of falling on own sword
While a lower interest rate can make all the difference over the life of your mortgage or loan, there can be dire consequences for those who try and c...
22 Mar 2017
5 ways to get your kids to leave home
After raising, educating and putting up with your children, you’re probably ready to see them fly the coop. Here are five ways to ensure you have a...
20 Mar 2017
Retirees most financially stressed in Australia
More than half of all Australian retirees are demoralised about their financial positions in five years, new research has revealed. Write com...
17 Mar 2017
Financial advice failing women
It’s been a few days since International Women’s Day, and an investment manager has taken issue with the financial advice sector’s treatment of ...
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