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How the world’s best are using tech to boost creativity and bottom lines


The world’s biggest advice and advisory giants are using artificial intelligence to create a more productive, lucrative and creative workforce. 

According to Ernst & Young, technology has now reached the fourth industrial revolution – an era where machines will be smart, self-optimising systems that shapes how the world works. This means humans will be freed from tasks, allowing them to pursue new creative outlooks.

With intelligent machines comes creative humans

According to EY, new technologies may end the need for human involvement in some tasks, jobs and industries. Technology is most often used to improve efficiency with automation that can mimic human behaviour to carry out repetitive, high-volume tasks. 


Reinventing the creative process

In a world with more data than ever, the human mind is not naturally equipped to spot correlations across thousands of data points.

However, human creativity combined with the enormous computational power of AI techniques will allow us to push the barriers of the world around us.

Rather than just being a faster way to analyse information, AI can become a stimulus for more creative thinking about how to use data by suggesting solutions humans may have never considered.

Creating economic growth

To unlock AI’s true potential and unleash human creativity, businesses should seek the preconceptions and re-imagine the fundamentals of how their industry operates.

Key focuses 

  1. Use technology to do the mundane, freeing up humans to focus on the higher-level creative thinking and strategic decision-making that add true long-term value.
  2. Combine technologies to create better ways of working.
  3. Focus on finding ways to deploying AI, not just replace humans, but guide creative choices.

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How the world’s best are using tech to boost creativity and bottom lines
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Cameron Micallef

Cameron Micallef is a journalist at Nest Egg, writing primarily about personal wealth and economic markets. 

Prior to this, Cameron worked for Australian Associated Press. He graduated from the University of Wollongong with a double degree in communications and commerce.

You can contact him on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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