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Top 10 emerging technologies ripe for investment

World Economic Forum

For savvy investors looking for the next fintech revolution, Apple or crypto currency, the World Economic Forum has released the top 10 emerging technologies for 2019.

1. Bioplastics – 311 metric tonnes of plastic was generated in 2014, with that number expected to triple by 2050. As a solution to the mounting plastics problem, biodegradable plastics are expected to create a “circular” plastic economy where plastics are converted back to biomass.

2. Social robots – The next step in robotic technology will be robots that blur the line between helper and friend. They will behave duties of a butler as well as analyse facial cues to befriend us.

3. Tiny lenses for miniature devices – Replacing the current glass industry, investors have an opportunity through thin, flat metalenses, which can be used to manipulate light.


4. Disordered proteins as drug targets – Cancer research and other ailments through disordered protein treatments will create opportunities for those invested in the medical sector. 

5. Smarter fertiliser – As world population continues, farmers need to increase crop yields. Applying fertilisers could help although they are not environmentally friendly. With this, new environment-friendly fertilisers will be created 

6. Collaborative telepresence – Video apps such as Skype and FaceTime, which once dominated the market through the emerging VR and AR market, are becoming likely to be replaced. With 5G being fast enough to handle mass data, innovators are perfecting technologies that enable people to physically interact. 

7. Advanced food tracking and packaging – Cutting down on food poisoning and wastage will happen in the world of tomorrow. A combination of blockchain technology will trace where food is being positioned, and enhanced food packaging will determine if food was stored correctly

8. Safe nuclear reactors – As fossil fuels diminish, safe, resilient fuels and innovative nuclear power could dominate the energy sector. 

9. DNA data storage – It is estimated by 2020 that 1.7 megabytes of data will be created per person per second globally, which is about 418 zettabytes in a single year. The magnetic or optical data storage system that currently holds this volume cannot last for more than a century. With this, progress is being made in an alternative hard drives: DNA-based storage.

10. Utility-scale storage of renewable energy – In the United States, the electricity generated by renewables has doubled in the past 10 years. This is predicted to continue to grow, as well as sufficiently reliable, efficient and cost-competitive lithium ion batteries. 

Combined, the new world will provide investment opportunities. With this, savvy investors will be able to get one step ahead and can potentially profit from this. 

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Top 10 emerging technologies ripe for investment
World Economic Forum
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