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Survey of 8,000 reveals how investors reacted to ‘choppy’ markets

Recep Perker

Local and global markets went through volatile conditions last year, prompting a surprising reaction from dormant investors and the online investor population.

Research from specialist researcher Investment Trends revealed that rather than investors being deterred by challenging market conditions, many investors chose to continue trading, while dormant investors decided to recommence their trading activity.

According to the organisation’s most recent publication, 2018 2H Online Broking, there was “a significant rise” in the population of online investors in the six months to December 2018 from 720,000 to 750,000.

Investment Trends research director Recep Peker noted that many online investors took the broad sell-off in equities at the end of last year as a “buying opportunity”.


Over the same period, Mr Peker observed that “existing investors stayed invested or made additional investments”, while a further 76,000 dormant investors had resumed their investing activity.

As a result of the current market and geopolitical climate, he said “there is widespread appetite for stock recommendations, trading ideas, in-depth research and analyst reports as investors seek tools that give them the edge to make informed decisions in these uncertain times”.

The report also showed that online investors “are increasingly relying on digital engagement channels as part of their investing”.

The Investment Trends survey had found that 24 per cent of online investors nationwide currently use social media platforms for investing or finance-related purposes.

Another 11 per cent intend to start doing so in the future, the report said.

Mr Peker said that many investors recognise the value of social media in their investment decision-making process, and are “most often using it to deepen their knowledge, keep abreast of the latest developments, and network with like-minded investors”.

“Along with the rising prominence of digital engagement platforms such as social media, blogs and online forums, a new wave of brokers such as SelfWealth and Stake are leveraging these platforms to gain traction with online investors, especially the younger crowd,” Mr Peker acknowledged.

He said new challengers make effective use of online media channels to raise their brand profile and engage with their audience “by focusing on a seamless user experience or building a vibrant online community”.

Survey of 8,000 reveals how investors reacted to ‘choppy’ markets
Recep Perker
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