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Taking the stress out of investing

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A majority of Australians feel stressed out when it comes to investing, and that pressure often leads to poor financial decisions, but one human behavioural expert believes anxiety can be removed in just three steps.

Data from an ASIC survey found 69 per cent of Australians find investing “stressful and overwhelming”. However, a change in the way Australians think about their relationship with wealth can alleviate that anxiety, according to human behaviour specialist John Demartini.

"A simple shift in mindset is needed to transform your relationship with money, the key in doing so is to invest in inspiration, not desperation,” Dr Demartini said.

Dr Demartini said there were three steps investors can take to improve their relationship with investing and growing their wealth.

Step 1: “Invest in the value of money”

“Money will follow and end up in the hands of those that appreciate and value it the most” and the best way accumulate wealth is to “value the purpose of making money,” Dr Demartini said.

“If you don’t strive to appreciate what money represents as you receive it, you will probably not retain it for long,” he said.

“When you value money, you use and invest it to enhance the lives of others and you reap the profitable benefits and continue growing and accumulating money.”

Step 2: “Invest in inspiration”

Aligning your investment portfolio with your beliefs and goals is a productive way to engage with your wealth, Dr Demartini said.

“Write down hundreds of reasons, advantages and benefits why building and efficiently managing a great business that serves ever greater numbers of people, and saving and investing the profits will contribute to the things you deem most important,” he said.

“Let the things and people you care about inspire you. For example, if you are passionate about the environment, find ways to invest in those areas. By investing in what inspires you, you are simultaneously furthering the causes you care about whilst contributing to your financial future.”

Step 3: “Invest in financial wisdom”

Becoming financially literate or seeking advice from someone who is will go a long way to improving your money management capacity, Dr Demartini said.

“By linking the accumulation of financial wealth to your current highest values, you will see beyond your past financial ways and struggles. Investing in areas that inspire you and support your highest values will allow you to create more money than you once thought possible,” he said.

Taking the stress out of investing
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