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Zarah Mae Torrazo

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Title Created Date
How to buy house and land packages in Australia 14 May 2021
Who let the doge out: The rise of dogecoin 06 May 2021
How to survive and thrive in the gig economy 22 April 2021
Pros and cons: Working in the gig economy 20 April 2021
The non-fungible token craze: What are NFTs? 29 March 2021
What is short selling and should you do it? 26 March 2021
What is a stock market bubble? 10 February 2021
What is a short squeeze? 05 February 2021
How to make a New Year budget (that sticks!) 02 February 2021
What is short selling? 02 February 2021
How can you buy bitcoin in Australia? 29 January 2021
What is a gamma squeeze? 28 January 2021
Is bitcoin a good investment? 27 January 2021
Will v trust: Which is best for you? 22 January 2021
Common mistakes in buying bonds that investors should avoid 19 January 2021
What is a good credit score? 18 January 2021
What you should know before hosting on Airbnb 15 January 2021
How to make money with Uber 13 January 2021
What is a robo-adviser? 12 January 2021
How profitable is running an Airbnb? 06 January 2021
Executor of will and power of attorney: What’s the difference? 14 December 2020
When is the best time to start estate planning? 22 December 2020
Influencer marketing: A beginner’s guide 14 December 2020
Why some Millennials are struggling to save for retirement 14 December 2020
Heard of robodebt – a controversial government scheme or buzzword? 16 December 2020
Top 5 reasons why you need a financial adviser 08 December 2020
Alternatives to payday loans 08 December 2020
Deadly estate planning mistakes and how to overcome them 07 December 2020
How to promote your product on social media 02 December 2020
Tips for selling stuff online 02 December 2020
Why estate planning should be on your to-do list 03 December 2020
Complete guide to monetise your photography 03 December 2020
Can you actually make money from surveys? 02 December 2020
Most common estate planning myths that refuse to die 01 December 2020
How to create a budget for the holiday season 27 November 2020
What is the 50/30/20 budget rule? 26 November 2020
10 tips to turn your side hustle into a successful business 26 November 2020
Effective tips that can help Millennials retire faster 28 October 2020
What is the difference between small APRA funds and SMSF? 15 October 2020
10 tips to turn your side hustle into a successful business 14 October 2020
Can I contribute to super from overseas? 14 October 2020
What is estate planning 07 October 2020
Do self-managed super funds pay tax? 02 October 2020
Tips for managing your finances during a recession 01 October 2020
How much money do you need to set up a self-managed super fund? 07 September 2020
How much money do you need to set up a self-managed super fund? 04 September 2020
What is a self-managed super fund? 21 August 2020
How long should I expect to be paying off a commercial mortgage? 12 August 2020
What is a financial adviser? 07 August 2020
What questions should you ask when buying commercial property? 03 August 2020
How much money do you need to invest in commercial real estate? 02 August 2020
What is the 1 per cent rule in real estate? 22 July 2020
How to finance a commercial property investment 01 July 2020
Biggest property investment mistakes and how to avoid them 26 June 2020
Investment property v super 24 June 2020
Are commercial properties a good investment? 23 June 2020
How to calculate investment property return 10 June 2020
How does investment property work? 10 June 2020
What investment property expenses are tax deductible? 10 June 2020
Why are investment property mortgage rates higher? 10 June 2020
When is the right time to buy an investment property? 10 June 2020
Can an investment property pay for itself? 10 June 2020
Pros and cons of being a landlord v owner-occupier 10 June 2020
How investment property depreciation works 10 June 2020
What are term deposit interest rates? 10 June 2020
What do I need to know before buying commercial property? 09 June 2020
Refinancing to buy an investment property 09 June 2020
Will a personal loan hurt my credit rating? 09 June 2020
Can I claim capital allowance on my investment property? 01 June 2020
What is the average return on commercial property? 26 May 2020
Delivery app jobs to make extra money 12 May 2020
Are investment property renovations tax deductible? 11 May 2020
invest in Stocks or Investment Property 06 May 2020
Can you negotiate term deposit rates? 06 May 2020
What you should consider when changing super funds 30 April 2020
How to buy an investment property without seeing it 29 April 2020
Can you buy an investment property without your spouse? 27 April 2020
How to buy an investment property without a deposit 27 April 2020
Buying an investment property using equity 24 April 2020
Will payday loans affect my credit rating? 27 March 2020
Are payday loans dangerous? 26 March 2020
Will personal loans affect my mortgage application? 24 March 2020
Retirement Planning: How do Millennials become millionaires? 19 March 2020
Biggest retirement planning mistakes and how to solve them 17 March 2020
How to build an effective influencer marketing campaign 12 March 2020
Why you should start learning social media marketing 23 February 2020
Ways you can make money on social media 13 March 2020
Superannuation changes 2019-20 26 December 2019
How many Australians are on the pension? 04 August 2019

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