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Fergus Halliday

AUTHOR|No. of Articles: 380

Fergus is a journalist for Momentum Media's nestegg and Smart Property Investment. He likes to write about money, markets, how innovation is changing the financial landscape and how younger consumers can achieve their goals in unpredictable times. 
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Scott Morrison’s net zero plan promises to leave households $2,000 b...

Australia’s new plan to achieve net zero by 2050 is predicted to help households save on energy bills. ...Read More
Solana Crypto

Why Solana is being tipped as the next ethereum

Could Solana beat out rivals to become the next cryptocurrency of choice for investors? ...Read More

Australians are still waiting too long to think about retirement

It’s hard to find the right time to start thinking about retirement, but many Australians keep missing the mark. ...Read More
future fund

Super sector argues government-run fund would disadvantage workers

The super sector isn’t buying the idea of a government-run fund. Read More

CBA concludes Dollarmites as states abandon school banking

CBA’s long-running financial literacy program is no more. Read More

Employees and employers are misaligned on sustainability agenda

Employees have a lot to offer the sustainability and other ESG agendas of businesses, if only employers could see it.  ...Read More
Even credit unions are now jumping on the BNPL bandwagon

Even credit unions are now jumping on the BNPL bandwagon

Community First’s new zero interest credit card is available n0w.  Read More
Crypto’s potential in ESG could be underrated

Crypto’s potential in ESG could be underrated

Bitcoin has earned plenty of criticism over the environmental costs of decentralised finance, but that doesn’t tell th...Read More
stock market

As 2022 approaches, should investors brace for a market correction?

Will stock market investors end the year with a victory lap or a lurch? Read More

RBA says BNPL ‘no surcharge’ rules distort competition

Australia’s central bank has changed its mind about whether existing credit card surcharge rules should apply to After...Read More
Super funds slip in September

Super funds slip in September

The gains made by super funds across the first half of the year have been set back by disruptions within the global econ...Read More
Growing optimism

Growing optimism as lockdowns wind down and the NSW economy revs up

Consumer confidence has gone up for the sixth week in a row. Read More
Bitcoin soars above April ATH

Bitcoin soars above April ATH

A few months after this year’s #cryptocrash, the price of bitcoin has reached a new all-time high. ...Read More
cyber attacks

Australia’s banks may be more vulnerable to cyber attacks than you t...

Australia’s banks are increasing their investments in cyber security, but research suggests that many financial instit...Read More
Harmony crypto

Crypto of the Week: Harmony

Harmony is a rising star in the world of so-called ethereum killers. Read More


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