24 Jul 2017
Where are Australian interest rates heading?
Recent remarks from the Reserve Bank of Australia have led some investors to believe a round of quar...

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24 Jul 2017
Three indicators of good returns for this financial year
Global market growth looks sustainable despite equity markets hitting all-time highs, according to a...
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24 Jul 2017
Treasury looks at open data to improve bank competition
The Australian federal government has said it will investigate how an ‘open banking framework’ c...
22 Jul 2017
Mid-cap stocks mark the ‘sweet spot’ for investors
Mid-cap companies, the 100th to 50th largest companies listed on the ASX, are outperforming their ...
21 Jul 2017
Nearly half of Aussies hold no retirement assets outside super
A survey conducted by Australian Unity found that 47 per cent of Australians nave no investments out...
22 Jul 2017
How to invest in a slice of Aussie farmland 
Some investors are wary of buying into agricultural property after the failure of numerous managed i...
21 Jul 2017
Investment bonds to the rescue?
Recent political changes have made superannuation less tax effective for some Aussies, but some expe...
21 Jul 2017
Australia ranked in the top 10 for retirement
A global asset management company has ranked Australia as the sixth best country in the world for re...
19 Jul 2017
Government continues support for financial literacy program
Australia’s federal government will provide funding to the ASIC-led MoneySmart Teaching program, w...
19 Jul 2017
Eighth year of positive results for super
Australia’s industry and retail super funds have delivered positive returns to their members for t...
18 Jul 2017
Women less confident in their super than men
Female pre-retirees are less likely to believe their superannuation savings alone will afford them a...
18 Jul 2017
Returns likely to slow in new financial year
Investors can expect their returns to remain positive over the coming months, though a repeat of las...
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